Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slacking.. Busy??

Alright, so I have been off the radar again for a couple weeks now, but between work and trying to find a social life I had been burning both ends of my candle.  Trust me.  I am usually an 8-9 hour kind of gal.  But today I woke up from a 13 hour snooze.  Do not get me wrong, it felt amazing and I feel rejuvenated.  And for the most part, I have learned my lesson. 

However, that does not really solve the problem of me not having any "single" friends.  And no, I am not referencing guys in general for dating.  I am stating that with my new status, I kinda need some different friends to hang out with sometimes.  I still love my family (friends are family to me), but I also need to find some people that are on the same playing field as me.  I am not looking for "mom-and-me-play-dates" but I am also not looking for "It-is-so-loud-and-so-late-club-nights".  I know, I am sounding pretty old right about now and that is also something else... I need to find people that have the same ideas and are around the same age as me.  It would be cool to hang out with 21 year olds... NOT!  No offense to my sister or anyone else that is around that age that may read this, but I think I have done my time in Night clubs.  I like to chill at home, with a glass of wine, by a fire... I do realize that there is my problem in the first place, but where would I even begin to make "Single" friends?  I have been in a couple for way too long to know where to start.   

Sleep is not the only thing that I have been slacking on though.  I have been slacking on a little bit of everything that I had made into my "routine"(for the lack of better words).  So I am restarting the 21-Day Sugar Detox.  I fell of that band wagon and smacked and stumbled into "OH NO LAND"  Trust me when I say that.  And without going into too much detail lets just say that I feel fluffy for the first time in MONTHS and I do NOT like it.  I do not like the bloating feeling.  It makes me feel like I belong in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  (oh yeah... I went there). 

However, I have not been watching TV as often (perhaps not having random channels easily accessible any longer is a blessing) but I have been reading.  Oh... how I love books.  It is so much better than watching something.  I have enough drama in my life that I do not need to feel the anxiety of "fake drama".  I would rather lavish in written words and allow my imagination to paint a picture of what the author is saying.  Just me though.  It is a splendid feeling how words can stir any emotion that you may interpret or the author put in there. 

So, 21-Day Sugar Detox commences.... yet again...starting........NOW!

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