Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time flys...

Ok, So I had promised that I was going to actually stick to this thing and yet... almost a month ago was my last post.  I swear, I am busy.  Busy living life.  Busy exercising.  Busy. Busy. Busy.  I am learning a lot about myself and have been seeing results for changing my diet.

For those of you who have know me for awhile, you know that I fluctuate weight on a regular basis.  Thanks to my friend George and the Paleo movement, I am hoping to solve that problem for the rest of my life.  Do not get me wrong.  I sway back to the "dark side" every once in a while, but with consequences. TRUST ME when I say you do not want to know the details.  However, it is about changing my mindset, my cravings, my everything.  Which we all know that if we walk and talk a certain way for 29 years, it may take set backs and wrong turns.  But I am getting there.  Almost three months down and I see a difference in my clothes, the way I feel, my mind is clear.  Goals are in the near future.  Which makes me now think that I need to re-evaluate my goals and set new ones.  With that being said.... Here is an update of my pictures

Progress, But I am still not content.  Gotta keep it up!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So, I have been slacking lately on a lot of things.  But I have a lot of things to do as well.  For those of you who might already know, and some that might not, we had a death in the family. 

Amanda is my niece's, Emma, mother.  She passed away suddenly in September.  Emma is now living with my brother who is stationed in California just like Tommy and I.  My mother was here for almost a month helping with the transition of this little girl.  She is now enrolled into school.  TJ and her have a house.  Life is moving forward.

I am not going to lie and say that everything is ok.  I worry about her all the time.  I know she is not my child, but she is my niece and I love her so very much.  I know that other family members feel the same way too.

On top of Amanda's death, Tommy and my father are deployed.  Can we say.. just add a little more stress, a pinch of worry, and a pound of missing them?

However, as of late, I am taking up the motto "Life goes on" because it does.  No matter how much we want time to stop, it will not.  No matter how much we want to change things, depending upon the changes, we probably cannot.  There is one thing you have control over and that is yourself.  No one else.  No matter what thoughts you have on that matter.  Children, siblings, dogs, spouses... seriously.  Only you.

With this new retrospect... ok it really is not new, but new to me actually processing it "for real", I have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for me to get out of my void and move forward.  Time does it, I might as well join that bandwagon!

With that being said, I am starting my 30 days of Paleo over.  Starting today.  I have to get back on track and do what it is that I want to do.  "Live our lives with no regrets" is the quote that Tommy said to me on our wedding night.  So, there are just even more reasons for me to live my life the way I want to, but mainly for myself.

Self-esteem issues have always been prevalent in my life.  I never have thought of myself as pretty or beautiful.  With everything that has happened though, I have realized that I need to find some common ground with that.  I can have everyone that I know love me with all their hearts, but if I do not love myself, then there is no true love.  I am working on it.  I promise.  I know that there are others out there who struggle with the same idea.  I know that there might be someone who will read this and want to tell me that I am crazy; that I am a wonderful person, but the truth is... I do have to love myself.

There has always been a fine line between what I do for the ones I love and what I do for me.  It always seems that I end up focusing more on those that I love vs myself.  So, I will be focusing a little more on myself, without having to give up my love for those in my life... I hope that makes sense?  It makes sense to me.  I know that I am not a selfish person, nor do I even intend of turning into one (it just does not fit my personality), but let it be known that I have not forgotten about myself, my needs, or my desires.  I have just put them on a back burner for so long and now I am coming to the realization that the only person in this world that I am "hurting" is myself.

So here goes nothing...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


While I am a little embarassed about these, I believe that it is necessary to post these up for inspiration for myself. so here goes....

Iam currently weighing in at 176.9 lbs.  I will measure myself a little later...


Ok, so I have been slacking a little.  Well, technically, not really.  Just been doing other things.  Tommy left last Monday.  My birthday was Wednesday.  I had friends come visit.  So, I was a little busy... lol. 

Here is what is going on.  I have been reading Robb Wolf's book, "The Paleo Soultion".  It is amazing.

Plus, I found out that I have more friends in the Paleo network.  My friend George is one of the main reasons why I started this quest, but after reading the book... It was always there.  I will soon be tracking myself. via pics, weight, and measurements.  I will not post them immediately, but I will eventually. 

Here goes nothing!!

By the way, here is a shout out to my buddy George!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No excuses

So, I was walking along with my cousin on our morning tour, and I see this table at the side of the road getting ready to be picked up for trash.... that could not happen.  I RAN back to her house and grabbed my car.  The table is now here safe and sound.  The purpose for this table will be to keep those cute, fluffy rabbits FAR AWAY from my soon-to-be container garden!  The irony in the matter was that I was thinking about how in the world I was going to stop the furry-destroyers from getting to my plants last night.  I had figured that I would just make a platform with some wood, but now.... hahaha. Take that fluffy!

On an other note, with my birthday coming up and me wanting change I have come to some conclusions... please no judging...

1. I WILL quit smoking.
2. I am changing my diet
3.Exercise will not be a chore

While still vague and not real meaty these conclusions/goals are, they will fill-in as I figure out what the heck I am doing :o)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing dramatic

I promise this is not a blog telling you that I am leaving my husband or anything of the sort.  I chose the name "Starting New Chapters" because I feel as though I am in a rut.  This blog is just for me to share things with people. 

Right now, things are about to change. 

I am the type of person that allows the needs of my husband to outrank my needs.  And while some may argue that marriage is like that, I must disagree.  I love him, but it is now ME, some of it might have to do with the fact that he will be on "vacay" for a while, but all in all, he knows that I love him; and he loves me.  I just need to get myself to WAKE up and love myself...  

I have been looking into changing my life.  The way I eat and exercise mainly.  I want to like myself and like what I see in the mirror.  (I am pretty sure that some of you know exactly what I am saying). 

So, with that, I am starting new chapters.  I am going to use this blog to inspire whomever, probably moreso just myself.  I enjoying doing many things I am sure that I will be posting about not just my changes but my hobbies as well.