Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving on

Okay, so apparently I am not so good with follow through.  Little did I know that when I started my journey on "New Chapters" did I realize that it was going to be 100% true. 

January 21, 2012, Tommy told me he wanted a divorce.  It has been a battle for me emotionally, mentally, and physically.  For those of you that might read this and have gone through a divorce, I believe that I can say that I understand.  For those of you who haven't, think about putting all of your dreams and goals onto and into someone else and then get sucker punched in the stomach.  That is how I felt.  We are battling a war between the two of us.  I have tried my hardest to keep my emotions from getting the best of me, but "Err is human" and I am that.   In the end, I truly believe that this is what is for the best.  For those that truly know me, you know the struggles and adversaries that I faced as an individual and as a couple.

Amongst other things, however, my health is increasing on a day to day basis.  I wanted to post pics of when I started this journey and my most recent pic that I took the other night.  I was completely unaware of the physical appearance until I looked myself in the mirror the other night.  So here they are:

So the top was in the beginning of Sept and the bottom was taken on Feb 18.  I know that they are not the same outfits as before, but I do not care.  It still shows my change.

Thank all of you that will read this.  Thank you to my friends for the support you have shown me.  Also, thank you for being so patient and understanding as I am trying to figure things out for myself.

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  1. Awwwwww! Was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. First of all, congratulations on the amazing physical transformation. You look awesome! :) Secondly, I think you're a fighter. I know that you will come out of this even stronger than before. Keeping you in my prayers! XO